Most of the software we write is not really of general interest, so it wouldn't make much sense to release it. But we also wrote some things you might find useful, so here we go.


This is a collection of general–purpose Java classes: it currently includes LockableStream, a convenient interface for input/output on character streams that might require locking; LockableFile, an implementation of LockableStream working on regular files; and Out, a class for output and debugging with built–in advanced filtering capabilities.

The package also includes a small stand–alone class called SourceCleaner, which you can run from the command line to improve your source files by expanding all tabs to a number of spaces and replacing all the lines consisting in whitespace only with empty lines.

The archive includes full source code, JavaDoc documentation for all the included classes and interfaces, and a compiled version of the library you can drop into your classpath for quick start.

Download: RoundhouseUtil 1.0.0 (zip archive, 72KB)