Andrea Bolognani aka KiyuKo

Hopeless UNIX geek and Nintendo fanboy, Andrea spends most of his time either coding useless but creative stuff or playing videogames. His favorite programming language is C, but he is also fluent in PHP and Java. He runs Debian on all his computers and uses Vim as his editor of choice.

Computer–related stuff aside, he loves reading, writing, and planning new ways to take over the world. But above all, he loves a very special girl...

Giovanni Simoni aka Dacav

Ever since he was six years old, when he obtained his first computer, Giovanni has been sharpening his skill set. Riding his white laptop Mithril, he crosses moorlands where C is considered a high level programming language, but he gets fun with Python too. His preferred working environment is a 80x25 terminal on GNU/Linux, and he's got a website

Computer–related stuff aside, he's got an awesome girlfriend named Silvia. He's also a Taiji-Chuan student and a tea connoisseur.

Ivan Simonini aka DrachLyznardh

√úbergeek, TransFan, Gundam fanboy, Sony PS{,One,2,3,P} fanboy, /m/oron, /v/irgin (and lots of other stuff...), Ivan wastes his time editing useless Java code or producing geek humor.

Programming / informatic things aside... wait, you mean... is there something outside? Oh, so... In real life, sometimes he writes a new chapter of Tru Naluten... But most of the time, he just sleeps.

To sum all this description up in a single line of code: he's a
JProgrammer jProgrammer = new JProgrammer ();
If you prefer a graphical representation of his interests, just take a look at this Lil Formers comic strip.

Michele Bianchi aka Jazzinghen

Legends tell about a mystical guy who has hacked into code for as long as he can remember.
Well that guy is not Jazzinghen.
With a past as engineer (just one year), working in the Human-Computer Interaction Design group (PhD Student) but knowing how to write good code with just two or three languages, he feels like a chimera between Computer Scientists. Videogames lover, RPG master (and avid player), fan of Anime and Manga, Taiji pratictioner and {Steam, Cyber}punk aficionado, tries to cultivate his passions even with the little free time he has left.

Nerdish stuff aside...


Ok, guys, you know what? I wanted to write: He likes to write stories. BUT I GUESS THAT'S NERDISH, ISN'T IT?
So I'll just go with He is studying Taoism just to see if it fits with some current ideas he has.

Oh, yes. Metal Gear Solid 3 (and Peace Walker) is his favourite game of ALL TIMES.
Piece of art, SRSLY U GUISE
Kojima is a bloody troll genious!

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