RoundhouseCode was founded in late 2006 in order to develop a project for the Algorhitms and Data Structures class at the University of Trento. The name pays homage to Chuck Norris, world's strongest man, who could be about to kill you in this very moment.

Starting from that moment, we have worked on various projects, mostly related to our classes; we've also spent a lot of time playing videogames, laughing at geek humor, and surfing the Internet pretending it was a productive task.

RoundhouseCode is more than a software house. It's more than a bunch of lazy students sitting on their asses writing code the whole day. It is – perhaps not surprisingly – more than meets the eye. RoundhouseCode is a philosophy, a life style.

Our self–imposed mission is to create software of outstanding quality. The way we see it, coding is just another form of art: the resulting product has to be beautiful and elegant, not only functional and reliable.

We care a lot about Free Software: that's why we release every software we write under the terms of the GNU General Public License. We also use open standards whenever it's possible.

Now we need a good catchphrase to end this page. Something really craptacular. Can't think of anything at the moment, tough.